Solar panels for a datacenter

Solar panels for a datacenter

A study on renewable energy

Just under a year after MonacoDatacenter was commissioned in 2014, a renewable energy study was carried out to power the room’s LED lighting system using local renewable energy. As Monaco enjoys exceptional sunshine (over 300 days/year), the telis Group naturally opted to install solar panels on the building’s roof. 

The project proposes the installation of 5 solar panels of 12m² and a power of 1kWp (kiloWatt peak) facing the sea front. In ideal conditions, that is to say with an optimal sunshine and a stable temperature of 25°C, each panel could produce 1kW of electricity. A simulation is made for the project could generate up to 7.60 MWh.

A new technology of solar panels

The telis Group has partnered with one of its suppliers to test the project in real conditions using the latest generation of solar panels. These ultra-thin panels allow for better integration into the landscape while guaranteeing an equivalent energy gain. This test will allow us to measure the values produced by this new technology in a Mediterranean environment.

The technology is promising but the results are not satisfactory. The objective, to supply the lighting of the device in autonomy is not fulfilled, moreover the SMEG EGEO contract guarantees the telis Group a renewable energy, it remains more profitable to privilege this solution and this without additional ecological impact.

An experience to be repeated?

As technologies have evolved, the telis Group is now ready to renew the experience if the opportunity arises. In line with its values as an innovative player in the digital sector committed to the energy transition, the telis Group has a clear interest in new solutions for a more responsible future.