A green datacenter for demanding decision makers in Monaco

Datacenter for demanding decision makers

Discover all the benefits of the MonacoDATACENTER®, a unique hosting service for your data. Eco-responsible, Enhanced security, High availability.

An eco-responsible solution

The MonacoDatacenter is based on sustainable development innovations while offering up to 40% energy savings compared to a conventional datacenter.

Eco-responsible design

Cooling using sea water

Non-toxic and non-polluting fire extinguishing system

MonacoDATACENTER® chose a fire suppression system using nitrogen (N2). A non-toxic, non-polluting gas, naturally present in the air that has a good extinguishing effect without constraints.

A certified eco-responsible commitment

MonacoDATACENTER® underscores its sustainable commitment to responsible energy management through two labels.

A preventive and reactive physical security system

Located in the Principality of Monaco, one of the most secure countries in the world, MonacoDATACENTER® is housed in a high-security building, the Centre Auditorium Rainier III.

Access to the MonacoDATACENTER® is controlled by dual authentication and video surveillance. Fire detection, hydrometry and hygrometry systems are linked to an alert supervision tool for immediate reactivity.

Geographic security

Risk control

Access control

Intrusion detection

Your infrastructure and digital tools always available

The MonacoDATACENTER® is the object of all the Telis teams’ attention. Regular maintenance, permanent supervision, fast and efficient intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Designed to meet the requirements of a Tier III datacenter and ensure 99.997% availability to your data in complete security, MonacoDATACENTER® has a FlexiLink, redundant air conditioning and power supply.

24/7/365 monitoring

Custom-designed connectivity


Telis will contact you promptly to respond to your request.


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