U-RECOVER : Data storage and recovery in Monaco


Data recovery service

Outsourced backup of your data for accurate and rapid recovery in all circumstances. A solution hosted at MonacoDATACENTER®.

Bring resiliency to your data

U-Recover® is an outsourced data recovery solution that provides fast and accurate recovery in the event of data loss or corruption. You are guaranteed that your data is stored at the MonacoDATACENTER®.
Benefit from an optimal level of security, a proven service continuity and an optional 24-hour on-call service.

Why outsource your data?

Encrypted copy

Fast and accurate recovery

Data resilience

Support included

Choose the formula adapted to your needs


Essential Package

Data recovery solution hosted at MonacoDATACENTER
Mapping your data
Storage of your data
Support services
User interface

Premium Package

Full featured data recovery solution hosted at MonacoDATACENTER
Mapping your data
Storage of your data
24/7 support service
User interface
The advantages of services hosted at the MonacoDATACENTER®: A guarantee of 100% confidentiality and the hosting of all your data only on Monegasque territory. You are protected against your data and documents being made available to third parties.

ISO/IEC 27001 certified Datacenter

Telis is strengthening the quality of its hosting services within MonacoDatacenter by being ISO 27001 certified.

The strengths of U-Recover




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U-recover will be available soon, but you can already contact us with your data outsourcing needs.
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