High availability datacenter in Monaco

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High availability datacenter

Redundant power and cooling, network connection with dual operator attachment… Designed to meet Tier III certification, MonacoDATACENTER® guarantees 99.997% uptime.

High availability commitment

MonacoDATACENTER® offers optimal service continuity through 24/7 infrastructure monitoring with alarm escalation. The telis teams are ready to intervene 24/7 to guarantee 99.997% availability.
The telis Group designed MonacoDATACENTER® to meet the requirements of Tier III certification, the highest certification available in the Principality of Monaco.

What guarantees MonacoDATACENTER® ?

  • The maintenance of the data center elements is done without interruption of service.
  • MonacoDATACENTER® guarantees 99.997% availability. Since the opening of the service in 2013 we ensure 100% availability of our data center.

24/7 supervision and maintenance of the datacenter

Always controlled, always efficient

Equipment redundancy

Designed to keep working even in the most difficult situations

Secure, custom-sized connectivity available.

Private VPN Links from MonacoDATACENTER® to your Monegasque sites

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