U-CONNECT: Private Social Network

U-connect : votre réseau social d'entreprise sécurisé

Private social network

A modern, customizable, private and secure information exchange platform. Ideal for team sharing information or build a corporate communication.

A collaborative tool for sharing information

U-Connect® allows your teams to easily exchange information from any connected device. Streamline communication between your headquarters and your field teams, strengthen the bond between your teams, engage and motivate your employees, control the information transmitted to your employees.

U-Connect® features

Add your employees to the solution

Create personal user accounts for each employee. You can link the accounts to the company’s A.D. for ease of use.

Check messages before publication

A moderation system allows you to view and validate publications before they appear on the wall.

Moderate offensive interventions

You have the ability to restrict someone’s access if they don’t follow the rules of conduct you have set for your corporate community. Designate moderators in the company to delegate this task.

Connect anywhere

Connect from any internet-connected device anywhere in the world. Tablet, mobile, desktop… any connected device can access the platform and interact with other members of the company.

Connect teams

Invite everyone to participate by sharing their daily successes on the company wall. Connect field teams to headquarters. Create a space for everyone to share.

Timeline U-connect
U-Connect® allows company members to express themselves in short customizable messages. Use photos to illustrate your messages, fill in links to web pages you want to share, use smiley faces to communicate your mood ;). Add #Hashtags to your posts to tie your post to a topic of conversation.

Create a link within the company

Create internal engagement

Educate your employees

Choose the environment you need

U-Connect® + U-VM®

SaaS enterprise social networking solution hosted on a private virtual machine at MonacoDATACENTER®

U-Connect® on premise

SaaS enterprise social networking solution hosted on your servers, on your premises.

The MonacoDATACENTER® plus: A guarantee of 100% confidentiality and the hosting of all your data only on Monegasque territory. You are protected against your data and documents being made available to third parties.

ISO/IEC 27001 certified Datacenter

Telis is strengthening the quality of its hosting services within MonacoDatacenter by being ISO 27001 certified.

The strengths of the solution

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Contact us

U-connect will be available soon. You can already contact us to let us know your needs for communication tools and dynamic signage.


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