Evolution and innovation of MonacoDatacenter

The Evolution of Telis Group's MonacoDATACENTER®

Created in 2013 by telis group engineers, MonacoDATACENTER® is the first datacenter created on the territory of the principality of Monaco. From the outset, it was designed to meet ecological challenges while offering maximum security for our customers’ data. Find out how the telis group has developed this exceptional service over the years and made it ever more efficient while respecting the environment.

2013 - Birth of the first green datacenter in Monaco

From the start MonacoDATACENTER® aims to be an eco-responsible and innovative proposal for decision makers in the Monegasque digital space.
MonacoDATACENTER® offers to Monaco’s C.I.O., the hosting of IT infrastructure and digital data in compliance in a 100% green, adapted, confidential and secure environment on the principality’s territory.

Une suite digitale au service des entreprises

L’autre innovation majeure apportée au travers de MonacoDATACENTER® est une suite de solutions numériques “as a service” aux entreprises : DigitalPower. Ces solutions ont pour avantage d’être disponibles à tout moment depuis n’importe quel périphérique connecté dans le monde, tout en centralisant les données à Monaco au MonacoDATACENTER®.

A strategic Monegasque tool in the digital transition and international business

Quickly, MonacoDATACENTER® became an obvious choice for customers of the Telis Group for the outsourcing of IT infrastructures, and sensitive data. These solutions allow, among other things, to centralize the data of the Monegasque companies while allowing its exploitation at the global level, carry out sensitive and confidential developments on dedicated secure spaces, facilitate P. R.A. (disaster recovery plan) solutions in the event of a disaster… 

Towards hyperconvergence and the digital future

In 2019, the telis Group is making a major evolution of MonacoDATACENTER®. The migration to a hyper-converged infrastructure through a system offering the best of the hybrid cloud.

The telis Group engineers carry out this migration without any service interruption.

Even today, MonacoDATACENTER® is proud to show 100% actual availability since its inauguration.

In 2021, the telis Group obtained ISO/IEC 27001 certification for MonacoDATACENTER®, which attests to the effective implementation of an information security management system. MonacoDATACENTER® thus continues to be one of the Principality’s most trusted IT hosting services.