Innovative green IT datacenter in Monaco

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Green IT Datacenter

Supplied with certified energy of 100% renewable origin, cooling of the chiller plants thanks to thalassothermal energy… Find out how MonacoDATACENTER® is keeping its eco-responsible commitment to Monaco’s energy transition.

An infrastructure designed for sustainable development

MonacoDATACENTER® was designed using APC by Schneider Electric’s InfraStruxure Data Center Solution technologies. A solid foundation thought to optimize energy consumption, maintain service availability and evolve over time. A first step towards an eco-responsible data center through 2 innovations:


P.U.E represents the energy cost of a datacenter.
It is 1.8 on average in France.
(Study on energy efficiency in French datacenters - Enr'CERT - atee - 2016)

Energy saving

Compared to a traditional datacenter, thanks to the many innovations from which MonacoDatacenter benefits.
Up to 0 %
  • A “perfect” P.U.E. is equivalent to 1
    (computer power consumption is strictly
    equal to the total power consumption). This would imply that there would be no
    cooling system, nor ventilation, nor a backup battery charging system.
  • A typical traditional data center PUE is currently between 1.9 and 2.5
  • The best PUEs today are between 1.3 and 1.6

It is also important to note that geographic location and climate come into play when calculating this index. Indeed a datacenter located in a naturally cold area will not have the same cooling requirements and will necessarily consume less energy than a datacenter located in a warmer area.

A datacenter cooled by thalassothermal energy

The MonacoDATACENTER®‘s chilled water air conditioning plants are cooled using seawater. This solution, called Thalassothermie, is part of a sustainable development approach in 3 essential points:

Renewable source of cold water

Seawater is pumped deep into a seawater well and sent through a heat exchanger to cool the freshwater circuit circulating in the building housing MonacoDATACENTER®.

Significant energy savings

Savings on power consumption for the MonacoDATACENTER® cooling systems.
Up to 0 %

Valuation of thermal energy

The heat released by the appliances is recovered in the hot water circuit to heat the building.

Respect for the environment

and no disturbance to the marine ecosystem
0 CO2
Système de refroidissement à eau glacée

Fire extinguishing system using Nitrogen

Nitrogen (N2) is naturally present in large quantities in the air and is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly gas with a good extinguishing effect. The flooding of a room does not lead to poor visibility due to fog formation or to significant temperature drops.

Green power sources

The MonacoDATACENTER® has 2 independent electrical inputs powered by the SMEG network, a Monegasque energy supplier committed to green energy supply :

Labels to highlight the commitments of MonacoDATACENTER®

Launched in 2008, the label Code of conduct is a European charter of conduct aimed at improving energy efficiency in data centers. Adherence to the code of conduct is voluntary and commits participants to follow best practices in the design and evolution of their data center in order to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible.
SMEG’s Positive Energy Label identifies Monegasque players who have made the choice to use responsible and environmentally friendly energy in a sustainable development approach. The Telis Group is proud to have included, since its creation in 2013, MonacoDATACENTER® in this positive approach for a green digital transition.

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