MonacoDatacenter obtains its ISO/IEC 27001 certification

MonacoDatacenter obtains its ISO/IEC 27001 certification

Telis is strengthening the quality of its hosting services within MonacoDatacenter by being ISO 27001 certified.

Telis is strengthening the quality of its hosting services within MonacoDatacenter by being ISO 27001 certified. Evaluated by Certi-Trust, this certification guarantees that security requirements are taken into account in the management of the Monaco Data Center: its infrastructure, operations, site layout, access security, team skills and disaster recovery.

MonacoDatacenter, the Datacenter of the Telis Group

Since 2013, the telis Group has been offering you the services of MonacoDATACENTER®, the first green datacenter in the Principality. With an exceptional availability rate, our datacenter benefits from the framework of a secure building that meets earthquake-resistant standards and is equipped with a free-cooling system using sea water. Permanent supervision combined with ultra-secure connectivity make MonacoDATACENTER® a veritable data safe in the Principality.

What is the ISO 27001 standard?

The ISO 27001 standard allows companies and administrations to obtain a certification that attests to the effective implementation of an information security management system.

The ISO 27001 standard is the reference in terms of management system for the security of computer data in the world. It is intended for all companies that manage sensitive data, either for third parties or for themselves.

This ISO 27001 standard defines all the rules and good practices to be respected to maximize the security of information systems.

Benefits of ISO 27001 for Telis Group customers

"Since its inception in 2000, Telis has always aimed to provide its customers with high quality innovative services. In 2013, MonacoDatacenter was the 1st private Green Datacenter offering a secure hosting service in Monaco. Today, obtaining ISO 27001 certification confirms MonacoDatacenter's good organization and security management practices. We are very proud to offer our customers this guarantee of quality for our hosting services in Monaco."
Thierry Leray, Directeur Général Telis Groupe
Thierry Leray
Chief Executive Officer
of the Telis Group

Actis, prime contractor for ISO 27001 compliance

Actis, a subsidiary of the Telis Group, has taken charge of the management of this project and coordinated the various actions and players to enable this standard to be obtained.  Actis is also responsible for monitoring, maintaining and regularly reviewing the 27001 standard for MonacoDatacenter.

"We are very pleased that Telis has obtained certification to the 27001 standard for MonacoDatacenter. Obtaining this new high-level compliance was a real commitment for Actis, which supported Telis in this project and will continue this support in monitoring and maintaining this certification over time."
Marion Soler, Directeur d'ActisSAM
Marion Soler
General Manager of Actis S.A.M.

The Telis Group in a few words

The Telis Group supports Monegasque companies in all aspects of their digital transformation through 3 companies with complementary activities:
  • Telis has been the leading partner of Monegasque companies for more than 20 years for the design, implementation and maintenance of their communication systems and innovative digital tools.

  • Subsidiary of the Telis group created in 2003, Actis accompanies the digital transformation of companies through security and data protection on the territory of the Principality of Monaco.

  • Easyone, a subsidiary of the Telis group, offers solutions that facilitate the use and distribution of digital content and the control of your IOT equipment through a unique multimedia interface compatible with all types of screens.

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