A technological partnership with MonacoCloud​

A technological partnership with MonacoCloud​

Telis becomes a technology partner of MonacoCloud through its ISO 27001 certified Green Datacenter located in Monaco Principality, MonacoDatacenter.

Created in 2000, Telis is the trusted partner of Monegasque companies and institutions in their digital transformation.

In 2010, Telis created the first Green Datacenter in the Principality: “MonacoDatacenter”. It was inaugurated in the presence of Monaco’s government advisors in 2013. With a high level of security and availability, it now complies with the ISO 27001 standard.

Today, telis is becoming a technology partner of MonacoCloud in order to offer a new catalog of services. In addition, MonacoCloud has chosen to host the Monegasque sovereign cloud in the MonacoDatacenter.

Some benefits of this partnership for the Monegasque Sovereign Cloud

"Telis' MonacoDatacenter is the first datacenter to be commissioned in the Principality. Its purpose has always been to securely host the data of Monegasques in the Principality. It is with great pride that we are naturally integrating the Sovereign Cloud of Monaco. We thank MonacoCloud for the confidence they have shown in us and we are committed to working with them to ensure the sovereignty of Monegasque data.
Thierry Leray, Président délégué du Groupe telis
Thierry Leray
Chairman and CEO of Telis SAM

Born within the framework of Extended Monaco, Monaco Cloud is the operator of the Sovereign Cloud of Monaco. Its mission is to offer the Monegasque Government, but also any private and public company in Monaco and beyond, infrastructure and cloud services (IaaS / PaaS) with the highest standards of quality and security.

Its infrastructure is located and managed in Monaco and the level of security follows the recommendations of the AMSN (Agence Monégasque de Sécurité Numérique). The company is building an ecosystem of partners, integrators and software publishers to strengthen its value proposition and accelerate the adoption of the Cloud by its customers.

Monaco Cloud is part of the vision of what the digital revolution should be for Monaco: a tremendous opportunity to innovate, to boost its areas of economic excellence and to build new growth beyond the Principality’s territorial limits. Monaco Cloud is the main player in the digitization of society and is directly associated with Monaco’s reputation for excellence.

« Acter ce partenariat constitue un enjeu fort pour le bon développement de Monaco Cloud. L’ouverture prochaine d’un troisième site via cet accord permet de faire entrer le Cloud Souverain dans le cercle restreint des cloud hautement résilients. Par ailleurs les solutions logicielles (coffre-fort numérique, plateforme collaborative) apportées par le Groupe Telis renforceront, et ce dès cette année, la proposition de valeur de notre marketplace de solutions. »
Pierre Puchois, Directeur général de MonacoCloud
Pierre Puchois
General Manager of MonacoCloud

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Website : https://www.monacodatacenter.com

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